Places to photograph – Alexandria’s Farmers’ Market

I had never been to Alexandria’s Farmers’ Market before. A couple of weeks ago we had a Meetup and I finally had a reason to drive up and check it out. It’s a great event to photograph with a lot going on. If you are looking for a lot of colors, people and things to photograph you can’t go wrong at the market! There were vendors selling fruit, vegetables, crafts, cooking sauces, bread, cheese, clothes and flowers. You could find almost anything you can think of at market like this. Definitely a nice place to go on a Saturday morning.

The subject of the Meetup was Mobile Photography (aka MoPho). I left my point-and-shoot in the car and I took my iPad and my phone. The first thing I noticed was the people. This was definitely an event that many people came out for and I have a feeling it is busy every weekend. If you are interested in street photography this is a really great place to go! There were lots of interesting people of every age to photograph as well as everything that was displayed for sale.

I met the group on the corner of King and South Royal streets. Sandra was leading the group. The week before Sandra did a presentation on Mobile Photography at our monthly Let’s Talk Photography Meetup. She gave everyone tips and ideas on mobile photography, different ways to make images and some of the apps available to use on your iPhone or iPad. She also covered a number of apps used for post processing. She did a brief recap and then we started out by going our different ways. Everyone seemed to scatter pretty quickly heading out to photograph what they were interested in.

For the first time I used my phone as my primary camera. I also used my iPad but at first felt that my phone would be a better choice. I started walking through the market looking for subjects to photograph. When I’m in a crowded place like that I usually don’t make many images. I get a bit self-conscious and that puts me off. Then I started thinking about Sandra’s presentation and what photographer Richard Koci Hernandez said in a video on Street iPhonography, “No one pays attention to you when you are wearing headphones.” So I plugged my headphones into my iPad and I was ready to give it a try. You know what, it was great! I’m not sure if people didn’t pay attention to me but I sure was able to ignore them! I was in my own little world listening to my music and making images. After the first lap around the market I started using one particular app on my iPad called KaleidaCam. I was intrigued when I first started using it. It’s an app that makes your camera work like a kaleidoscope and I had a lot of fun with it.

We all spent a bit more than an hour walking around the market making images. Then we met back at the corner to walk a couple of blocks to a Starbucks so we could sit down and do a little post processing. We gathered around Sandra so she could show us how to process our images using different apps. We all shared some of our images and had a great time talking about post processing and all things MoPho. If you were at the Meetup and haven’t posted any of your work I’d love to see some of your images. You can post them in the MoPho Meetup album. I hope to see you at a future Meetup!


One thought on “Places to photograph – Alexandria’s Farmers’ Market

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