From Green Camera to Manual in 9 Easy Steps, Part 1 – “Green Camera” Mode

Green Camera Mode

DSLR Green Camera Mode

When a camera comes from the manufacturer, it is most likely set to “Green Camera” mode. Some manufacturers use a red camera or other icon. You will see this icon even if the camera has few or no other modes than full auto. This is so that most anyone can open the box, charge the battery and start making images without reading much about the camera. Even if they don’t read the “Quick Start Guide” they can still make images. The quick start guide is intended to do just that, to get you started making images as quickly as possible. With very little real info about the camera, beyond its basic workings, this guide can be confusing for the camera’s new owner. It is best to at least scan through the Owner’s Manual and keep it with you as you learn your new camera.

By “Green Camera” mode I mean the camera mode designated by the green camera icon otherwise know as full auto mode. In this mode the camera is doing everything for you automatically. Auto ISO, Auto White Balance, Auto Flash, Auto Exposure and the largest JPEG file that the camera can produce. The owner of the new camera has to think of nothing other than pointing the camera in the direction of something they find interesting, pressing the shutter release, waiting for the camera to focus and then make an image.

Green Camera Mode

Point & Shoot Green Camera Mode

Some photographers never get away from this auto everything mode. That is ok, really, it is. These photographers are quite happy with creating images where they don’t have to think about any of the camera’s workings. All they are concerned with is knowing where the shutter release is and how to see the images on the back of the camera or on a computer monitor. A large number of these photographers become dissatisfied with making images this way and eventually want to learn more. Getting away from full auto takes some time and practice and most photographers use some of the other modes to help get away from “Green Camera” mode.


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