Project #4 Exaggerate Perspective

Project: Exaggerate Perspective This project is about exaggerating perspective by using a wide-angle lens. You can use a prime lens or a zoom lens for this project as long as it can be used at a focal length of 28mm or less (24mm, 18mm, 12mm, 9mm etc.). Before I go further let me explain a … Continue reading Project #4 Exaggerate Perspective


Project #3 Patterns

Project: Look for patterns to include in your images.Patterns are all around us. Some patterns are man-made and others are natural. A pattern can be the subject or the background of an image. Finding a pattern or patterns to include in an image can be the easy part, making an interesting composition might be a … Continue reading Project #3 Patterns

Project #2 Silhouettes

Project: Creating Silhouettes Creating silhouettes has been around longer than photography has been. Creating an image by making an object appear as a dark solid object on a light background may sound simple but is it, really? Traditional silhouettes were created by cutting dark paper into the profile of the person sitting for the silhouette … Continue reading Project #2 Silhouettes

104 Weekly Photo Projects

People say I have some crazy ideas and this might be one of them. The idea is simple, post a Weekly Photo Project to help people practice and hopefully improve their photography. I often get questions about how other photographers can improve their images. Something I tell everyone is practice, practice, practice. Photographic skills are perishable. … Continue reading 104 Weekly Photo Projects