104 Weekly Photo Projects

US Capitol at Dawn

US Capitol at Dawn

People say I have some crazy ideas and this might be one of them. The idea is simple, post a Weekly Photo Project to help people practice and hopefully improve their photography. I often get questions about how other photographers can improve their images. Something I tell everyone is practice, practice, practice. Photographic skills are perishable. What do I mean by that? Its simple, if you don’t practice you lose those skills you have acquired. When that happens they are not lost and gone forever, they are just buried in your memory banks and harder to retrieve than they should be. You remember a technique but you need to use trial and error all over again to get it right. I find that even after 30+ years of doing photography I get rusty when I haven’t used certain techniques for a while. So this is where the idea started and I hope where you can find some inspiration for doing some practice.

First Morning Light

First Morning Light

Over the next two years, 104 weeks, there will be a weekly photo project posted every Wednesday starting this Wednesday 10 July 2013. Why on Wednesdays you might ask? Its simple really, posting on Wednesday gives you plenty of time to plan (preproduction) and then create your images when ever you have time. Most people will have more time to make their images on the weekend so here is a suggested scenario.  The week’s project is posted on Wednesday. You can do preproduction Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (in the evenings if you have a real job), create your images over the weekend and do the post production Monday and Tuesday. If you have images from these projects that you would like to share there is a Facebook Group for everyone join. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/104weeks/

What do you need to participate? A camera and an open mind. Do you need to have a DSLR? Absolutely not! The two images you see here were created using a Point & Shoot camera. Will the projects be for beginners or advanced photographers? Some projects will be more challenging than others and some will be down right easy but they will all have a little lesson to help you create better images! If you know someone who you think would like to do the weekly photo projects, invite them to join in. Maybe they will also like to show some of their results from the projects to the group. I hope you enjoy the projects and most of all, I hope you have fun!


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