Project #4 Exaggerate Perspective

Project: Exaggerate Perspective

This project is about exaggerating perspective by using a wide-angle lens. You can use a prime lens or a zoom lens for this project as long as it can be used at a focal length of 28mm or less (24mm, 18mm, 12mm, 9mm etc.). Before I go further let me explain a few things for those who many not know what I’m talking about as far as prime and zoom lenses. Prime Lens – a lens that has a fixed focal length and therefore a fixed angle of view. 9mm, 12mm, 24mm, 50mm, 105mm, 300mm are examples of fixed focal length or prime lenses. Zoom Lens – can be used in a range of focal lengths that change the angle of view. 12-24mm, 35-70mm, 70-200mm, 18-300mm are all examples of zoom lenses. Exaggerating perspective is not that hard to do with a wide-angle lens. What you are looking to do for this project is to make images where things in foreground look very close to the camera and things in the background look very far away.

As always, once you have made some images for this project feel free to share your results in our Facebook Group.


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