Project #12 Exposure Compensation

Project: Exposure Compensation Exposure compensation is a great way to let your camera know that you are the boss! Your camera's exposure meter is set up to make what it thinks is a good exposure. As we all know current exposure meters are great but we also know that they are not as smart as … Continue reading Project #12 Exposure Compensation


Project #11 Using Shadows

Project #11 Using Shadows Photography depends on light, that is true, but shadows help to define what we photograph too. All light sources will create shadows unless that light source has been heavily diffused. Look for shadows that help give an extra dimension to your subject and your image. Make use of the shadows that … Continue reading Project #11 Using Shadows

Project #10 Farmer’s Market

Project: Photograph a farmer's market With summer officially over (for those of a school attending persuasion anyway) and farmer's markets will be one of the next snow birds to say farewell until next year. Farmer's markets are great places to make all kinds of different images. People, produce, flowers, locally handcrafted products of all sorts … Continue reading Project #10 Farmer’s Market

Project #9 Transportation

Project: Transportation This week use the concept of transportation as the inspiration for creating images. Think about all the modes of transport we use to get from one place to another. Which is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Is there one that you have never tried? Investigate the possibilities that the concept of … Continue reading Project #9 Transportation