Project #17 People Working

Project: People Working Many people get self-conscious when they are asked to be photographed. To help them relax, get them to do a task that they are familiar with. You can also ask someone who is already involved in a task to let you photograph them. Do you know someone that has an interesting hobby … Continue reading Project #17 People Working


Project #16 Fall Colors

Project: Fall Colors This time of year is great for colorful images. The colors of leaves on the trees, the clear crisp air and blues skies all make for great photos. One thing to keep in mind is how the light effects these colors. Be sure to look at the light from many different angles … Continue reading Project #16 Fall Colors

Project #15 Architectural Details

Project:  Architectural Details The architect Mies van der Rohe said "God is in the details" when speaking about architecture. Look for architectural details that inspire you. This maybe something very simple or very ornate. You might find it inside a building or on the outside. Many times we never notice the details that the architect designed into the buildings that surround us, … Continue reading Project #15 Architectural Details

Project #14 Reflections

Project: Reflections This week, look for reflections to use in your images. Many surfaces are naturally reflective and others not so much, unless something happens to that surface. Don't just think of the everyday for this project; mirrors, still water and glass. Look for ways to create interesting images of reflections that you might not … Continue reading Project #14 Reflections