Project #30 Emphasize Texture

Project: Emphasize Texture We live in a world full of textures. For this week make photos that emphasize some of your favorite textures. The softness of silk, roughness of tree bark or the gritty feeling of sand are a few of the textures you might want to try. Use lighting to bring out texture. Emphasize texture … Continue reading Project #30 Emphasize Texture


Project #29 In The Style of…

Project: In The Style of... We all have photographers that are our favorites. Photographers that influence our work, that we may go to when we need inspiration. The week, look at the work of photographers that you admire. Look at those photographers that you go to for inspiration. Look at those photographers that have produced … Continue reading Project #29 In The Style of…

Project #27 Expose for Rich Color

Project: Expose for Rich Color The exposure you choose, or help your camera to choose, can make a big difference in the colors that you get in your image. When your image is over exposed, the colors can become flat and desaturated. When you under expose your image the colors become richer and have more … Continue reading Project #27 Expose for Rich Color