Project #60 Faceless Portrait

Project: Faceless Portrait When someone says "portrait" we most often think of an image of someone's face. How much can you say about a person if you make a portrait of them and do not include their face? This week, make a portrait of someone that says something about them but does not show their … Continue reading Project #60 Faceless Portrait


Project #59 Panoramic Images

Project: Panoramic Images This week create images that fit the panoramic format (in general 3x longer on one side than the other). This can be done by cropping an image or by making a set of images and "stitching" them together in post processing. Check to see if your camera has a Panoramic Scene mode. If it … Continue reading Project #59 Panoramic Images

Project #58 Illustrate an Emotion

Project: Illustrate an Emotion This week think of a way to illustrate an emotion in a photo and show everyone what you come up with. Some emotions will be harder to illustrate than others. Bonus points for those who can illustrate more than one emotion! As always, once you have made some images for this project feel free to … Continue reading Project #58 Illustrate an Emotion

Coming up this week – August 4 thru August 10

There are a lot of things happening this week. New classes for Fredericksburg Parks & Rec. start, a Meetup in DC and a free seminar at the Workhouse Arts Center. Classes sponsored by Fredericksburg Parks & Rec. Monday evening a Photoshop Layers class begins. This three week class looks at the power of using layers in your image … Continue reading Coming up this week – August 4 thru August 10