Project 108 Bucket List

Project #108 Bucket List We all have a photo or two, probably a few, that we want to make before we no longer can. This week look over your bucket list and select one or more to check off the list. You don't have a bucket list? Then make one. Is one week not enough time? … Continue reading Project 108 Bucket List


Reprocessing old photos

Reprocessing some of your old photos can be an interesting experience. Your photo processing skill will have most certainly changed and our taste for different color pallets might have changed. The software you process photos with will have changed to a new version or you may be using new software altogether. All of this will lead to … Continue reading Reprocessing old photos

Project #107 Windows

Project: Windows There are many kinds of windows all around us. This week look for interesting windows and show the group what you come up with. Remember, windows aren't just made of glass. As always, once you have made some images for this project feel free to share your results in our Facebook Group.

Project #106 GeoPhoto

Project: GeoPhoto Geocaching has been around for a while. This week choose a spot from a geocaching website and go to the site and make some photos. Photograph the area or even photograph the contents of the geocache itself, just don't show it's exact hiding place. If you need more information on geocaching, is one place … Continue reading Project #106 GeoPhoto