5 Keyboard Shortcuts For The Library Module In Lightroom CC


As photographer’s we would all like to spend less time in front of the computer and more time out making photos. Editing and sorting photos is a necessary evil and can even become a time toilet. When was the last time you sat down to sort a few photos in the Library module of Lightroom CC and looked up an hour later? I’ve done it so I’m sure many of you have done it too. The Library module in Lightroom CC can be a great time saver helping you to edit and sort your photos. Here are five keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up the editing and sorting of your photos using the Library module in Lightroom CC.

G and E = Grid View or Loupe View
To switch from the Grid view, a grid of thumbnails of your photos, to the Loupe view, one large photo from the filmstrip, just press the E key. When you want to switch back just press the G key. It’s as simple as that.

Tab = Show and hide side panels
If you only have one monitor, screen real estate can be a big problem when looking at a full day’s photos. By pressing the TAB key you can hide both side panels or bring them back when you need them. Using the Tab key a lot easier than clicking on the triangles next to each side panel. Would you like to get rid of all the panels (top, bottom and both sides)? Just add the SHIFT key and all the panels disappear or reappear (TAB + SHIFT).

Plus and Minus  = Larger or smaller thumbnails
Now that you have freed up that extra space you can use the PLUS ( + ) and MINUS ( – ) keys to make the thumbnails of your photos larger or smaller. Pressing the PLUS( + ) key make the thumbnails larger and the Minus key ( – ) makes them smaller. Also, when you are in Loupe view, pressing the PLUS ( + ) key will take you back to Grid view.

Left Arrow / Right Arrow = Scroll through your images
Using the scroll bar to find a specific photo can be a real pain. In the Loupe view pressing the RIGHT ARROW scrolls to the right and the LEFT ARROW scrolls to the left. If you hold either of these keys down the photos scroll by rather quickly. I find this very useful when looking for a specific photo. The LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW keys do the same thing in grid view which I find no very helpful but the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW scroll up and down the grid helping you to move through your photos very quickly.

Option Click (Alt-click PC) a Panel = Solo Mode On / Off
If you don’t like scrolling down the side panels when you are working in the Library module or any of the other modules in Lightroom CC, you can turn on what is called Solo Mode. Solo Mode means only one part of the panel is open at a time. When you click the header for a different part of the panel the one that was open closes and the one you clicked on is the only one open. Option-click (Alt-click for PC) will turn Solo mode on or off depending upon its current state. I use Solo Mode all the time. In the Library module I can click on a header like Keyword and that is the only part of the panel that is open. This will save a lot of time because you won’t have to scroll up or down to get to what you need to see.

Thanks for reading!


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