Project #35 Shades of Gray

Project: Shades of Gray Images in shades of gray is how photography got it's start. The very first that photographs that were created were black and white photographs. This week look for scenes to photograph that you feel would look good in black and white. In digital photography all the images we create are color … Continue reading Project #35 Shades of Gray


Project #29 In The Style of…

Project: In The Style of... We all have photographers that are our favorites. Photographers that influence our work, that we may go to when we need inspiration. The week, look at the work of photographers that you admire. Look at those photographers that you go to for inspiration. Look at those photographers that have produced … Continue reading Project #29 In The Style of…

Project #11 Using Shadows

Project #11 Using Shadows Photography depends on light, that is true, but shadows help to define what we photograph too. All light sources will create shadows unless that light source has been heavily diffused. Look for shadows that help give an extra dimension to your subject and your image. Make use of the shadows that … Continue reading Project #11 Using Shadows