Auto ISO with a Twist

There are a lot of photographers out there who will do a facepalm whenever they hear someone say auto anything, when talking about digital photography. I too have done the same when I hear some of the weird and wonderful things about photography that the interwebs have to offer. But bear with me, this auto is … Continue reading Auto ISO with a Twist


Project #36 High ISO

Project: High ISO Most of the time we are looking for images with the finest detail possible. This week let's take a break from that and explore the possibilities of using high ISOs. In the days of film it was called "grain" now it's called "noise" what ever you call it, it can add interest … Continue reading Project #36 High ISO

From Green Camera to Manual in 9 Easy Steps, Part 4 – ISO

Just like Green Camera mode, cameras come from the manufacturer set to Auto ISO. Even if you go directly to Manual mode to start using your camera Auto ISO will still be active. Find the ISO settings in your camera's menus and turn off Auto ISO. In some cameras there is a setting for ISO … Continue reading From Green Camera to Manual in 9 Easy Steps, Part 4 – ISO