Soft Light vs. Hard Light

Before we start, we should have a definition of both soft and hard light: Soft Light - light from a source that has been diffused in some way creating low contrast and soft edged shadows or the complete absence of shadows. Think about the light of an overcast day. Hard Light - direct light from a source that creates … Continue reading Soft Light vs. Hard Light


Project #66 Put Light Where You Want It

Project: Put Light Where You Want It All to often we are at the mercy of the great day star we call the sun. This week, take time and put light exactly where you want it. There are several techniques that you can use so please let everyone know what you technique you used. As … Continue reading Project #66 Put Light Where You Want It

Coming up this week – August 4 thru August 10

There are a lot of things happening this week. New classes for Fredericksburg Parks & Rec. start, a Meetup in DC and a free seminar at the Workhouse Arts Center. Classes sponsored by Fredericksburg Parks & Rec. Monday evening a Photoshop Layers class begins. This three week class looks at the power of using layers in your image … Continue reading Coming up this week – August 4 thru August 10

Project #19 Objects That Transmit Light

Project: Objects That Transmit Light An object has to do as least one of three things to the light that falls on it or that object is invisible. One of those three things an object can do is transmit the light that falls upon it. This week seek out items that transmit light. Some things might … Continue reading Project #19 Objects That Transmit Light