Project #102 Three Household Items, One Hour

Project: Three Household Items, One Hour This week, ask someone to name three household items that any household would have. Once they do, make a photo that includes all three items in a creative way in one hour. Have fun, be creative and remember... the clock is ticking! As always, once you have made some images … Continue reading Project #102 Three Household Items, One Hour


Project #18 One Week One Lens

Project: One Week One Lens How well to you know your equipment? Getting to know your equipment is a great way to improve your photographic skills. This week's project should help you get to know one lens better than you already do. For this week put one lens on your camera and really get to know that … Continue reading Project #18 One Week One Lens

Project #5 One Light, One object

Project: Use one artificial light to light one object. When asked about using available light W. Eugene Smith said "Available light is any damn light that is available!" Photography at times can be all about using any light that is available, the sun, a speedlight (speedlite), household lamp, car headlights, flashlight or candle. That is … Continue reading Project #5 One Light, One object