Coming up this week – August 4 thru August 10

There are a lot of things happening this week. New classes for Fredericksburg Parks & Rec. start, a Meetup in DC and a free seminar at the Workhouse Arts Center. Classes sponsored by Fredericksburg Parks & Rec. Monday evening a Photoshop Layers class begins. This three week class looks at the power of using layers in your image … Continue reading Coming up this week – August 4 thru August 10


Project #39 Breaking the Rules

Project: Breaking the Rules You have probably heard all the rules of photography, do this but don’t do that. Well here is your chance to have some fun breaking the rules! Make images this week that fly in the face of the “rules” by not following them. When you post your images please tell us … Continue reading Project #39 Breaking the Rules

Project #2 Silhouettes

Project: Creating Silhouettes Creating silhouettes has been around longer than photography has been. Creating an image by making an object appear as a dark solid object on a light background may sound simple but is it, really? Traditional silhouettes were created by cutting dark paper into the profile of the person sitting for the silhouette … Continue reading Project #2 Silhouettes

Leanne Cole is a photographer down under. In this post she has some great images of evening light. These images make me want to pack my bags and head to Australia.


I have arrived in the Mallee.  It is great seeing my mum again and I have 3 days to get lots of photos.  I don’t know how many I will get this time.

I went out this evening in Woomelang as the sun was setting.  I was hoping to get some images of a sunset behind the silos and train station, but the sun was setting in a completely different place this time.

I stood in the middle of the road to get this one.  I used the tripod.  The sunset wasn’t that great tonight.  There just weren’t enough clouds around.

I am planning where to go tomorrow.  I am hoping to catch up Marianne again from Tourism Association, and she is picking where we are going this time, so it should be good.

So, till tomorrow.

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