Reprocessing old photos

Reprocessing some of your old photos can be an interesting experience. Your photo processing skill will have most certainly changed and our taste for different color pallets might have changed. The software you process photos with will have changed to a new version or you may be using new software altogether. All of this will lead to … Continue reading Reprocessing old photos


Where will your photos be in ten years?

An email came the other day and in the body of the email was an interesting blog post from a photographer titled “The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures in 10 Years!” I have seen many similar posts in the past and while I agree with some of what is said, I take a slightly different view. … Continue reading Where will your photos be in ten years?

Project #29 In The Style of…

Project: In The Style of... We all have photographers that are our favorites. Photographers that influence our work, that we may go to when we need inspiration. The week, look at the work of photographers that you admire. Look at those photographers that you go to for inspiration. Look at those photographers that have produced … Continue reading Project #29 In The Style of…